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Our Goal

Neurodiverse individuals lack a dedicated space within academia, we aim to change this discrepancy. Whether it be for tips & tricks or surrounding yourself with like-minded (ba-dum-tish) individuals, the NDSA strives to be a welcoming and safe environment.

Our Board

Our Board is comprised of Neurodiverse individuals with a passion for this community!


Sarah Westheim


Traditional English Village

Karolin (Karo) Wald



Marisa Evers


Uncle Sam


Future Board Member

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Pablo Arrieta


Hey there!

My name is Pablo Arrieta

I'm a student of Earth Sciences at the VU. Originally from Spain, I have a passion for science, storytelling, and all things related to them. In my free time I enjoy DMing my own Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, playing the guitar, and reading (mostly fantasy).

Recently, I received a diagnosis of ADHD, which helped me a great deal in understanding myself. Soon after, I discovered the Neurodiverse Student Association (NDSA) through one of their first events. As someone new quite new to this, I saw in NDSA a great way for helping and connecting with others who share similar experiences. That's why I decided to join the board, to try and help in expanding our reach.

My hope for NDSA is to provide a welcoming and inclusive space for all students, regardless of neurotype. And, of course, we'll be advocating for better support within the university too.

Hope this has helped you in getting to know a little bit about me and NDSA. I can't wait to welcome you to our community!

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