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Why Join the NDSA?

The NDSA is a community catered to neurodiverse students where All Brains Welcome.

NDSA hosts events where students can relax and enjoy themselves (e.g., board games, movie night), as well as events that are informative and educationally geared (e.g., NeuroTalk). As a member, these events are either free or at a reduced price, ensuring that these events are accessible to our community.

Becoming a member also helps support us, as membership is essential to maintaining our association.

We hope that you'll join our neurodiverse family!

Join the Community

Who Can Join?

NDSA is a VU-based Association- and like the VU, we're open to all.


The NDSA is open to all students in Higher Education (i.e., HBO, WO, & VWO), regardless of the city or institution where you're enrolled.


Unsure? Ask us!

Interested in More?
Become a Board Member!

Please complete the form to apply for a board position with us.

Email your Resume/CV and Motivation/cover letter to:

Thanks for Applying!

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