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Rules & Guidelines

Welcome to the NDSA!

To ensure that the NDSA is a safe and welcoming environment, several, we ask that you adhere to and follow the Rules and Guidelines set in place.

Rules and Guidelines


1. Anti-Bullying

  • Bullying of any kind is NOT tolerated

  • Any and all concerns should be brought to the attention of the NDSA Board

  • Gossiping is considered a form of bullying

2. No discussion of Suicide

  • We are not equipped to advise suicidal individuals

  • Any and all suicidal individuals are welcome to reach out for help, where they will be directed to the appropriate channel(s).

3. Respect for Boundaries

  • The NDSA is not a replacement for a Psychologist or Therapist, we ask that organized events and the group chat are not utilized as such.

  • Personal Space of members is important, please respect someone’s stated needs


4. Safety and Concerns

  • Contact the NDSA Board’s Safety Officer/Person regarding any issues of safety and/or concern


5. Conflict Resolution

  • The Board aims to resolve what conflicts it can internally, we retain the right to consult external representation and/or VU officials if deemed necessary.


Accommodations /Needs

The NDSA understands that differing neurotypes have different needs, therefore, we ask that you communicate to us how we can help accommodate those needs.

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